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Plein Air Painting (en plein air) Non-subject

It’s a beautiful spring day. My patio flowers are looking good. I think I’m going to paint outside this morning. En plein air is a french term for painting outside.  In it’s truest sense, it is applicable to painting the subject or scene in front of you, capturing the conditions of that moment. The impressionists… read more

Custom Books Hand Illustrated and Written by Maggie

About a year ago, as a Christmas gift,  I illustrated and wrote a book for my first grandchild. Of course, I then had to write one for each of the others – I still have one to do!   The Adventures of Hadley & Mim “Looking for Blue” was the first. (I am “Mim” to my… read more

Painting Over a Gessoed Canvas – Recycle That Old Canvas

I started a simple floral today. I have been doing a lot of work recently for other people, and today I need to just paint for myself.   I started with a canvas on which I used gesso to “white out” a previous image. Gesso is a preparation of plaster of Paris and glue that… read more

My Commission Work is Not Limited to Painting on Canvas:Painting a Mural on an Outside Wall

My commission work is not limited to painting on canvas.  When I first moved back to Indiana from Southampton, New York, I was commissioned to do a mural on an outside wall. This wall would be highly visible as it was on the side of a building on the route to entering Newburgh, Indiana from… read more

Teaching Children to Draw What They See, Not What They Think They See

The empowerment in mastering art skills is evident in everyone who tries. Children are no exception. I have a group of young artists who I work with on Saturday afternoons. This is not “arts and crafts”, this is the serious study of drawing and eventually, when they have mastered some skills and show they can… read more

The Window Well Commission Project: Part 2

I had a unique mural job this year.    Recap from Part 1:  My clients had finished their basement. The placement of the well meant that, when you came down the stairs and turned the corner, the first thing you saw was a window that looked straight into a concrete wall – the window well.… read more

Creating a Commission Painting – Step 3:Making Preliminary Drawings

 I have four basic steps to creating a commission painting. Look for former posts for Steps 1 and 2. STEP 3  I make three preliminary drawings, usually charcoal with a bit of pastel to show a little color.  I try to include various images and various perspectives.  I try to get these to the client within… read more

Creating a Commission Painting – Step 2:What determines the price of a commission painting?

 I have four basic steps to doing commission work. Find the first step in Creating a Commission Painting – Step 1 STEP 2  There are two main determinations for the price of a commission painting: size and complexity of the image. Once we have decided on these two things, I come up with a price range… read more

Zac and Dan

Dan and Zac are great.   I’ve never met them, but they are the guys that designed my website (for which I get many compliments).  But they didn’t just design it, collect my money and then walk away.  They write me all the time.  Okay, they write to all of their clients all of the… read more