The Process of Painting

These posts take the reader through a series of steps of various methods of painting.

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Plein Air Painting (en plein air) Non-subject

It’s a beautiful spring day. My patio flowers are looking good. I think I’m going to paint outside this morning. En plein air is a french term for painting outside.  In it’s truest sense, it is applicable to painting the subject or scene in front of you, capturing the conditions of that moment. The impressionists… read more

Painting Over a Gessoed Canvas – Recycle That Old Canvas

I started a simple floral today. I have been doing a lot of work recently for other people, and today I need to just paint for myself.   I started with a canvas on which I used gesso to “white out” a previous image. Gesso is a preparation of plaster of Paris and glue that… read more

Chalk Outline Method of Oil Painting – The Finished Painting

The next few sessions on this piece I just added layers, allowing for drying time between each.  The trick for me is knowing when to quit.  There are always parts I feel really good about, and others not so much.  But an overworked painting is not a good thing.  The piece is 30 X 40.… read more

Chalk Outline Method of Oil Painting – Step 2

The next step is putting on the color with a fairly large brush.  I use a thin layer of color(oil paint mixed with turpentine) and  I always use at least two hues for each object.  Example: for the yellow petals I use cadmium yellow medium and yellow ochre (maybe a touch of burnt sienna where… read more

Chalk Outline Method of Oil Painting – Step 1

I thought it might be interesting to share a few stages of my painting method.  Every artist has a different style, a different way to begin.  And sometimes we have more than one way.   This particular series of sunflowers was begun first by toning the entire canvas with a burnt sienna base, thinned with… read more