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This is a group of old posts from my first days of blogging.

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Zac and Dan

Dan and Zac are great.   I’ve never met them, but they are the guys that designed my website (for which I get many compliments).  But they didn’t just design it, collect my money and then walk away.  They write me all the time.  Okay, they write to all of their clients all of the… read more

Will Barnet

I was contacted recently to submit a nomination for Will Barnet to receive the National Medal of the Arts.  For those of you not familiar with Will, he is a painter/printmaker/artist who I met in NYC in 2009.  He is an amazing man. Will turns 100 this year.  There was a wonderful article about him… read more

Student Artists at the February 2011/4NorthMain Show

Here are some pictures of the artists who have studied with me and exhibited their work at the show.     Artists Samantha and Sydney Miller “Seagull”  oil on canvas “Twitch”  oil on canvas      Artist Ian Dupree “Oranges”  oil on canvas      Artist Tina Kirby “Still Life”  oil on panel

4N Main Gallery/Southampton February 2011

SOLO SHOW       This month (February) I have a solo show at 4NMain Gallery in Southampton 4northmaingallery.com. It is a beautiful gallery space.  Ray Sweeney, the gallery owner, understands the artists’ need for a polished presentation.  Hardwood floors, a comfortable sitting area, multi-speaker sound system, baby grand piano and, above all, excellent lighting and… read more

More Inside Shots

more inside shots.    

Inside the Studio

So here are some shots of the studio from the inside.  The ladder leads to a small loft, big enough to lay down on an air mattress for a quick nap, but not enough room to stand.  The rug you see in some pictures is mostly for when I have an open studio event.  The… read more