Plein Air Painting (en plein air) Non-subject

by Maggie Shively in The Process of Painting
It’s a beautiful spring day. My patio flowers are looking good. I think I’m going to paint outside this morning.
En plein air is a french term for painting outside.  In it’s truest sense, it is applicable to painting the subject or scene in front of you, capturing the conditions of that moment. The impressionists did it and that is what gives their paintings such light and life:
This particular painting is a plein air painting by John Singer Sargent of Monet creating a plein air painting. A double plein air!!
 Although I am going to paint outside, I am not painting the subject in front of me. I am working on the series of paintings I am creating for my solo show at The Rumjahn Gallery scheduled for July 14 – 30. The series will have several of my barges on the Ohio River paintings like this one:
In addition I am painting various iconic images of Evansville and the surrounding area. Those are the painting I will be working on today.
The two in the photo are The Four Freedoms Monument and the Pagoda Vistors Center at sunset, downtown Evansville.
If you paint, try it outside some time. I will be taking my painting and drawing students outside this summer! Join us!