Custom Books Hand Illustrated and Written by Maggie

by Maggie Shively in Commission Work
About a year ago, as a Christmas gift,  I illustrated and wrote a book for my first grandchild. Of course, I then had to write one for each of the others – I still have one to do!
The Adventures of Hadley & Mim “Looking for Blue” was the first. (I am “Mim” to my grandchildren). The story tells of an adventure I go on with Hadley to find blue paint so that we can have an art lesson.
Next came A Baby at the Door.  This is the story of how my daughter and son-in-law came to adopt their daughter Violet.
Last is I am Ava.  Ava is my son and daughter-in-law’s second child. Not to be out-shone by her older sister, this story is about how Ava knows exactly who she is! 
These first three books were soft covers. I didn’t foresee just how much they would mean to my family! They encouraged me to not only keep writing for them, but to offer the idea to others.  Improvements were made: Hard covers, plastic sleeves… And a new commission offering was born.
“Not a dry eye in the room” is what I hear from the families that receive them.