My Commission Work is Not Limited to Painting on Canvas:Painting a Mural on an Outside Wall

by Maggie Shively in Commission Work
My commission work is not limited to painting on canvas. 
When I first moved back to Indiana from Southampton, New York, I was commissioned to do a mural on an outside wall. This wall would be highly visible as it was on the side of a building on the route to entering Newburgh, Indiana from Covert Avenue.The goal was to promote a new greenhouse/floral business that had located on the old Kight Lumber property – From the Ground Up.
I began, as I always do with commission work, with three preliminary “drawings”.
I had Lowes cut a piece of drywall into three sections for me and then I painted them with three different ideas. I presented these boards to the client. The client chose one, but before I could begin…
The “drawings” were presented to the Town of Newburgh, Indiana Town Council.
Because of Newburgh, Indiana town rules and ordinances regarding signage, the preliminary boards were presented to the town board for approval for the mural. We got it!
Working from the chosen preliminary painted board, I created the mural, and it seems to be standing the test of time.