Teaching Children to Draw What They See, Not What They Think They See

by Maggie Shively in Instruction
The empowerment in mastering art skills is evident in everyone who tries. Children are no exception.
I have a group of young artists who I work with on Saturday afternoons. This is not “arts and crafts”, this is the serious study of drawing and eventually, when they have mastered some skills and show they can focus, painting. Two of my students are 5, and one is 7. 
Serious doesn’t mean it’s not fun.
The initial challenge is to get them to really look at the object or objects they are drawing. They draw what they think an apple looks like then I put out an actual apple and they draw it again. Then they compare their first drawing with their second.
Usually it takes 3-5 sessions to sink in.
Eventually they are looking at the object more than the paper. And they are proud of their results.
It’s fun to improve. It’s empowering and empowerment is fun. 
Drawing their own shoes as they sit with them crossed in front is an excellent way to begin mastering this “drawing what I see, not what I think I see” skill. 

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