Creating a Commission Painting – Step 3:Making Preliminary Drawings

by Maggie Shively in Commission Work

 I have four basic steps to creating a commission painting. Look for former posts for Steps 1 and 2.

I make three preliminary drawings, usually charcoal with a bit of pastel to show a little color.  I try to include various images and various perspectives.  I try to get these to the client within a couple of weeks of receiving the deposit.  
In this particular case, I hired a photographer to take some shots of the images the client wanted. In the interest of privacy, I am not going to post the drawings of his home, but here are the ones for the dome painting.
The client’s job is then to review these drawings, making notes as to what he/she likes and what he/she finds unnecessary.  Perspective is decided.  Then the drawings come back to me and, after a bit more discussion, I start the painting.