Zac and Dan

by Maggie Shively in Miscellaneous/Old Posts
Dan and Zac are great.
I’ve never met them, but they are the guys that designed my website (for which I get many compliments).  But they didn’t just design it, collect my money and then walk away.  They write me all the time.  Okay, they write to all of their clients all of the time, but these guys are different than the average businessmen.  They sell me a product (website) and then they keep encouraging me to really use it and make the most of it.  Which I don’t.
They have been sending tutorials to me for the past year how how to blog and then how to get my blog out there so people will actually read it, see my art and buy something.  The problem is me.  I started out strong, but then I dropped the ball.  I haven’t been blogging, much less following their lead on how to get my blogs read.
But today I’m starting in again and I’m going to go back through their tutorials and do what they say.  
And if you EVER think you might want a website, artist friend of mine, THESE ARE THE GUYS!
Now let’s see if I can remember how to link to their site… 

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