Creating a Commission Painting – Step 1:Communicate with the client in person or by email images

by Maggie Shively in Commission Work
I have four basic steps to creating a commission painting.


I begin by discussing, via phone or email, what image(s) is in the client’s mind and what the general size of the piece needs to be.   I usually ask if there is a particular budget we are working within.   Clients who approach me for commission work are usually familiar with my style, but it’s helpful to have a sense of where the piece will go.  If possible I meet with them in their home or ask for them to email photos.  This stage usually involved several discussions.  I try to pick their brain and really get a sense of their vision.

Currently I am working on two paintings for a client in Indianapolis.  He has emailed me pictures of the interior of his home and some of the artwork he currently has hanging.  He has followed my career for over 10 years, so he is familiar with my painting style and palette.  He emailed photos of some of the local images he would like included. I hired photographer to take some shots of the dome as I was living in New York at the time.

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