The Window Well Mural Commission Project: Part 1

by Maggie Shively in Commission Work
Commission work is one of my favorite parts of the art business.  People have amazing ideas and visions of what they want and they just need someone to make it visible.  Usually it’s the image of a home, pet or person – maybe a vacation photo – and they want it drawn or painted onto paper or canvas. 
Murals are popular.  Scenes of tropical places or countrysides, etc. – you’ve seen them, either in people’s homes or maybe restaurant walls.
Well, I had a unique mural job.
My clients had finished their basement.  The result was a small, clean cozy apartment.  Code required they have a window well that included a fire escape ladder.  The placement of the well meant that, when you came down the stairs and turned the corner, the first thing you saw was a window that looked straight into a concrete wall – the window well.
Although it did allow for natural light, the three concrete walls that made up the well were an eyesore. Their vision was to have a beach/ocean scene painted on the concrete surface of the walls  turning their basement apartment into “beachfront property.”

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