Chalk Outline Method of Oil Painting – Step 2

by Maggie Shively in The Process of Painting

The next step is putting on the color with a fairly large brush.  I use a thin layer of color(oil paint mixed with turpentine) and  I always use at least two hues for each object.  Example: for the yellow petals I use cadmium yellow medium and yellow ochre (maybe a touch of burnt sienna where the petals come out of the center).  I don’t stir the colors together, I just scoop up a little of each on my brush, dip it in the turpentine, dab it off on a paper towel so it’s not too runny and make petals using as few strokes as possible.  Also, I like to work the whole canvas, not get hung up on any one part.  Leaving some of the chalk marks can make it visually interesting… that’s a personal taste thing.