blog are over


I have just been told that Blogs are over - by my 20 something friends and family. True? … read more.



Eight weeks ago I had 5 paintings stolen from an outdoor art fair.    I don't show at many art fairs any more, although I do think it's a good way for an artist to get started marketing.  But every season I choose one, just to get my paintings in front of some people that might not be… read more.

Zac and Dan


Dan and Zac are great. I've never met them, but they are the guys that designed my website (for which I get many compliments).  But they didn't just design it, collect my money and then walk away.  They write me all the time.  Okay, they write to all of their clients all of the time,… read more.

Two Young Artists


Most of my students are adults, but  a few have come along that are children who are eager to learn to "make art". This first young lady has been studying with me for about 6 months now.  She brought her cousin in about 2 months ago.  We have created some wonderful things together. … read more.

STEP 4 Paint. From here on it is just a matter of painting a first layer, showing the client, then refining and adding layers. The Indianapolis client chose his favorite drawing/perspective, e-mailed notes and sent the drawings back.  I have begun the paintings.  Again, I am only… read more.

I have four basic steps to doing commission work.   STEP 1 I begin by discussing, via phone or email, what image(s) is in the client's mind and what the general size of the piece needs to be.   I usually ask if there is a particular budget we are working within.   Clients who… read more.

The Window Well


Commission work is one of my favorite parts of the art business.  People have amazing ideas and visions of what they want and they just need someone to make it visible.  Usually it's the image of a home, pet or person - maybe a vacation photo - and they want it drawn or painted onto… read more.

Will Barnet


I was contacted recently to submit a nomination for Will Barnet to receive the National Medal of the Arts.  For those of you not familiar with Will, he is a painter/printmaker/artist who I met in NYC in 2009.  He is an amazing man.Will turns 100 this year.  There was a wonderful article… read more.