About a year ago, as a Christmas gift,  I illustrated and wrote a book for my first grandchild. Of course, I then had to write one for each of the others - I still have one to do!   The Adventures of Hadley & Mim "Looking for Blue" was the first. (I am "Mim" to my grandchildren)… read more.

I started a simple floral today. I have been doing a lot of work recently for other people, and today I need to just paint for myself.   I started with a canvas on which I used gesso to "white out" a previous image. Gesso is a preparation of plaster of Paris and glue that you can find at most any… read more.

My commission work is not limited to painting on canvas. When I first moved back to Indiana from Southampton, New York, I was commissioned to do a mural on an outside wall. This wall would be highly visible as it was on the side of a building on the route to entering Newburgh, Indiana from Covert… read more.

The empowerment in mastering art skills is evident in everyone who tries. Children are no exception.I have a group of young artists who I work with on Saturday afternoons. This is not "arts and crafts", this is the serious study of drawing and eventually, when they have mastered some skills and show… read more.

I had a unique mural job this year.  Recap from Part 1:  My clients had finished their basement. The placement of the well meant that, when you came down the stairs and turned the corner, the first thing you saw was a window that looked straight into a concrete wall - the window well.Their… read more.

 I have four basic steps to creating a commission painting. Look for former posts for Steps 1 and 2.STEP 3 I make three preliminary drawings, usually charcoal with a bit of pastel to show a little color.  I try to include various images and various perspectives.  I try to get… read more.

 I have four basic steps to doing commission work. Find the first step in Creating a Commission Painting - Step 1STEP 2 There are two main determinations for the price of a commission painting: size and complexity of the image. Once we have decided on these two things, I come up with a… read more.