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blog are over


I have just been told that Blogs are over - by my 20 something friends and family. True? … read more.

More Inside Shots


more inside shots.  … read more.

Inside the Studio 2


 … read more.

Inside the Studio


So here are some shots of the studio from the inside.  The ladder leads to a small loft, big enough to lay down on an air mattress for a quick nap, but not enough room to stand.  The rug you see in some pictures is mostly for when I have an open studio event.  The rest of the time it's… read more.

On Being an Artist


I have been a professional artist for much of my adult life.  But I officially opened my art studio in 1999. That's when I really focused on making a business out of it, a steady, trackable income. But the reality for me has always been that I have had a second source of income.  (And… read more.